Godzilla El Nino

September 2, 2015

The news has been saying, that NASA scientist see potential¬†for a Godzilla of an El Nino, if we have a major rain event it will uproot vegetation in the riverbed and pile up against the College Boulevard bridge like the world’s biggest beaver dam and likely flood out the homes on Andrew Jackson in the dead presidents neighborhood . In 1997 there was an El Nino that killed 17 people with floods and mudslides and this El Nino has greater potential according to the NASA scientist.

May 14 2014 there was a mandatory evacuation of the dead presidents neighborhood it was a modest inconvenience, my house smelled like smoke for over a week that was very uncomfortable we didn’t lose any homes but it came close. There are a number of reason to clean out the riverbed and not many not to.


This is a test. It is only a test, if it had been a real message it would have contained some important data, some crucial information, perhaps some snappy repartee, maybe some even some humor but it is only a test.